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Ryan and Gabby are the owners and founders of Gifford Videography. Their vision started by simply wanting to capture the important moments in their own lives so that they could experience them time and time again. Then one day they were given the opportunity to capture two of his close friend's wedding day. This is where they fell in love with the business and the impact that creating could have on others. Ryan and Gabby have worked with numerous couples and businesses from New York, to Chicago, to Las Vegas and more. Learn more of Ryan and Gabby: @ryan.giff @gabbydancr12


Their goal is to create a video that will allow you to feel the same emotions you did on your wedding day and cherish forever.

MICHAEL GIFFORD \\ Lead Shooter 

Mike is not only Ryan's brother but also shares the same passion for creating as he does. They have both worked together on various projects both in and out of the wedding industry. Mike is extremely experienced and continues to provide top notch service each and every shoot. Outside of the wedding industry, Mike has two beautiful children (Hayley and Max) and a loving fiance Nicole. Learn more about Mike here: @mikegiff33


Mike's goal is to capture of the special moments and details so that you can truly experience everything from your wedding day.

SEAN FRUSCIO \\ Lead Shooter 

Sean has been best friends with Ryan and Mike for practically their entire life so it was no surprise when he joined the team and developed a passion for capturing and creating amazing content. Sean has worked on numerous weddings and has experience with creating projects in the fitness industry. Outside of the wedding business, Sean has a passion for helping others utilizing Functional Patterns. Learn more about Sean here: @sean_fruscio


Sean's goal is to provide you the best content possible, all while allowing you to enjoy your day as if no-one was there. He understands how important your wedding day is!

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